How to Select Board Governance Tools

Board governance tools improve collaboration and sharing of data among members and enable better decision-making for organizational growth. These tools can streamline meetings, make it easier to prepare of agendas and board books and offer a digital platform that allows boards to collaborate on documents and cast votes in real-time. They can also help to ensure that governance guidelines are followed reduce paper usage and eliminate the need for meetings that require physical presence.

However, not all tools are made equal and some are more expensive than others. It is advisable to compare features and pricing strategies prior to selecting one. Consider purchasing a product with a trial period of no cost, or a pilot deployment that is discounted. This will boost your ROI. This enables accurately measuring efficiency and productivity gains prior to signing a long-term contract.

Aprio – Aprio is a complete board management software that enables efficient committee and board workflows. It provides a secure digital platform that allows users to access and share essential documents, like financial statements, bylaws, and other policies that they need for the purposes of a meeting. Board members can also sign nondisclosure agreements, contracts and resolutions using eSignatures. Moreover, it provides AI-driven analytics to aid in decision-making and to identify risk factors and trends within the organization.

Board members require the appropriate tools to complete their work. This will help them fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and help guide their organization towards long-term sustainability. The use of a paper-based process or an online tool that is not designed for board management may result in inefficiencies, poor communication and disengaged members. Today’s market has a wide array of new tools that are designed to simplify the work of boards and make them more efficient.

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