How to Get the Most Out of Your Board Meeting Process

Board meetings can be lengthy events that require a lot of time devoted to listening to reports and discussing. Depending on the way you conduct your board meetings there’s usually little time for decision-making.

Discipline and structure are crucial to getting the most from your board meetings. This means creating an agenda, establishing the space for meetings, and then disseminating all relevant materials prior the meeting. This will allow the members of your board to research opinions, prepare for the meeting, and ask questions. When the discussion begins, they arrive with a high level of information and confidence that they are contributing to the end result.

The process of conducting a board meeting starts by introducing the officer to the attendees. The chair then addresses old or new issues, in chronological order. Old business is comprised of items the board has previously considered and approved or voted against. New business refers to items that the board had not previously discussed and is now considering for approval. Other items include things that aren’t scheduled like appointing committees or making director appointments.

After the discussion is complete the chairman then calls all motions for the vote. This includes amending the articles of incorporation, approving certain transactions, and ratifying the decisions made by directors. This involves deciding on strategy, and the approval of action plans. It is helpful to set KPIs that are in line with the company’s objectives and can be quantifiable to aid your board members in deciding on its strategy. These KPIs will then be used to assess the effectiveness of any strategy that your board is contemplating.

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