What Makes a Successful Board Member?

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Successful board members are committed to the company’s mission as well as its shareholders and clients. They prioritize attendance at meetings and actively take part in discussions. They are well-versed in the business model, policies and operations of their company. They are also aware of developments in their field and industry trends to make informed decisions.

They are confident and manage their egos in the team. They understand how their actions impact other board members and the executive team. They can prevent conflicts and tensions that can result in a loss of productivity or even the boycott of board meetings. They can offer powerful questioning that can help uncover the root of any issue, and also prevent groupthink.

Strong board members possess extensive knowledge in their field and are able to provide fresh and useful information to others. They can act as a sounding-board for sensitive issues, and serve as a mentor for executives. They also excel at building relationships outside of the boardroom and introducing others with new connections.

They are aware of the high degree of governance that is required for their job and strive to fulfill their legal responsibilities. They are aware of any issues such as management, financial or personnel issues – and take steps to correct the issues before they escalate. They also know that their role is to serve as an integral partner for the CEO, helping them discover ways to meet their goals and maximise opportunities.

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