Board Management Software for Nonprofits

Board management software, also referred to as board portals, is a computer-based tool that aids directors’ boards as well as their administrative staff and their members to plan meetings distribute, edit, and communicate about key points. It reduces the need for paper, boosts productivity, and boosts governance. Board governance software has many features, such as online meeting management document archiving, electronic signature functionality, and many more. This is a fantastic solution for nonprofits who want to improve efficiency and save time and money.

Make your meetings more efficient with tools like video conferencing integrations, and online private workrooms for your team, so that they can discuss the agenda items prior to the time. With streamlined meetings, employees will be able to focus less on administrative tasks, and more time discussing the issues of the day.

Improve accountability through important governance features like e-signature capabilities, task tracking, and more, so that your board members are able sign off on documents in the course of a meeting, or outside of the meeting room. This increases transparency and accountability by making sure that the board’s decisions are documented.

Control the sharing of information with granular permission levels so that committees have access information that is relevant to their job and the board has central oversight of all discussions and materials. This is essential for nonprofits that need to comply with federal regulations in order to continue to receive funding from their government partners.

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