What to Include in a Data Room for Investors

Investors have a lot of work on their plate when they’re looking over your company. The due diligence process can be made more efficient and more efficient with having all the information in one location. However, the method you organize and source the documents can have a major impact on how easily they’re navigated. Every authorized or invested party wants to spend time searching through irrelevant documents.

What should you include in an investor data room

There are several ways to make your investment data room stand out and increase your odds of being funded. In general, you should provide the most pertinent information while being mindful not to over-share or overwhelm.

For instance, while it’s standard to include a pitch deck in your data room, it may not be the ideal place to place the most valuable details about your product, like product roadmaps and product-market fit. You could instead add an additional slide that outlines your product’s plan over a certain time frame and provides the most pertinent information for each step.

You can also add a team bios section in your data room that focuses on more than just your founders. It can give a comprehensive overview of the team’s capabilities determination, value and commitment and also show how much each member owns. You can use this section to include better resumes of your team members, and also include a reference section for customers to demonstrate your appreciation for your customers.


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