What Does a Boot Scan Do?

If a cyber threat manages to make its way into your computer, it is able to be disguised in a variety of ways. While most antivirus programs are capable of detecting malware using regular scans and real-time protection and boot-time scans, a boot-time scan provides the most thorough protection against threats that are stealthy.

A boot scan is a brief review of your computer before Windows starts. This allows the program to spot malware that is not visible and remove it without disrupting your normal work. Avast’s Boot Scan feature provides various options to handle threats found during the scan. This includes fixing the files immediately, transferring the files to the Disease Chest or quarantine area, or taking them off.

It may take a while to run a boot check. To accelerate the process it’s best to disable non-essential startup applications and unplug external hard drives or USB devices. This will minimize the risk of conflict, and let the scan to focus on internal storage. It is also recommended to schedule an amount of time when you will not be using the computer for any other purpose to ensure that the boot process can run its course without interference.

To enable a scan that is based on the time of the boot go to Settings (the gear icon) in the Avast interface. Select Protection > Scan settings, and check the Boot-Time Scan option. Then, adjust the options to suit your needs and click OK. The Avast Boot-Time Scan is a powerful program to help you protect your PC from malware and create a more pleasant computer environment.

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