Tips for Running a Successful Board Meeting

It doesn’t matter if it’s in person, or via a virtual meeting, executing a successful board meeting requires careful planning and concentration on detail. It’s crucial to create an environment that encourages healthy debate and innovation.

The chair of the board is expected to be the one to preside at board meetings. This is usually the manager or president of the community association. Each item on the agenda, allow every board member the chance to express their opinions, ask questions and/or raise concerns, then take an opportunity to vote on the outcome of that item. This helps avoid confusion later on the line about what was discussed, voted on and ratified by the boardroom.

Define the ultimate purpose of each item

Make sure to provide an explanation of the goals each agenda item is meant to accomplish ahead of time. This helps avoid confusing discussions or wasting time. It’s useful to check the box next to each item to indicate whether it is meant to educate, to search for information, or to come to a conclusion.

Don’t make a hasty decision

Many boards feel that they need to make decisions quickly to appease upset homeowners or avoid the need to deal with an issue that could go away by itself however this can set back your board and the community. Additionally, rushed decisions are often poorly executed and usually lack the expertise of experts.

At a minimum, once a year Examine Your Meetings

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