The Disadvantages of Free VPN

A VPN connects your data to an external computer, keeping it secure from the glare of a snooper. It also makes it more difficult for sites and apps to track you — which is a good thing. However it’s not always easy to find a good free vpn. Many of them charge for their service in one manner or another, which could lead to privacy issues. For example, Hola was recently found to share its users’ browsing habits with ad networks and this isn’t a unique case.

Free VPNs usually offer limited bandwidths in order to cut down on infrastructure costs. This can lead to slow speeds and crowded servers. The majority of them provide a limited number of servers. This can make it difficult to unlock content from certain countries.

Some of these websites have low levels of encryption, which means hackers are more likely to access your personal information. Websites can also blacklist them, which is another problem.

In addition, free VPNs tend to offer a minimal level of customer support, which can be a problem should you have any problems. Premium VPNs, on the other hand typically provide 24/7 live chat, as well as a comprehensive FAQ page.

With the drawbacks of free vpn, it’s worth paying for a reliable paid VPN service to ensure that your personal information is protected. Premium VPNs give you the best security and speed for all of your needs, whether you’re looking to stream videos, play online games, or browse the web without being monitored.

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