The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

If you work remotely or in data room solution an arrangement that is hybrid the chances are that your team utilizes some sort of video conferencing and online collaboration tools like Slack. But these 2D tools aren’t always effective when it comes to fostering interaction and collaboration between team members.

Collaboration spaces are important. The most effective virtual spaces replicate the physical feel of an office, with meeting rooms, workstations and common areas that allow teams to quickly locate each other. With some nudges or live chats teams can participate in natural communication and have spontaneous meetings that are similar to those you would have in a real office.

Kumospace is an example of a virtual workspace that can help reduce the need for meetings by giving people the feeling of “working next to someone”. And for those times when you need to meet it provides a variety of virtual spaces for collaboration to meet different needs including 1:1 catch-ups and sprint planning to sales demos and project presentations.

Switchboard is a different virtual collaboration tool that elevates the feeling of being in an office to a whole new level. Its virtual rooms that are collaborative and canvas lets teams be productive quickly, working together using browser-based applications and documents. When the session is finished, everything is saved so that everyone is able to continue where they were when they left.

Other virtual spaces, like Teemyco and Gather, help to foster team spirit by allowing users to check out what their coworkers are up to in the virtual office. That way, it’s easy to know who is working on the next big project, presenting an online sales presentation or taking a virtual coffee break.

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