Avast Free Review Windows

Avast free review windows

The new interface for Avast is well laid out, with clear distinctions between its various elements and easy-to-use blue icons (with orange accents from the company logo) to distinguish the suite’s features. The homepage allows you to conduct a scan and turn on the VPN and shortcuts to several useful tools for optimizing your system are also available. The fact that the most useful features are hidden in the “Explore tab” is quite frustrating.

Installation is simple, and you’re not obliged to choose the free version. However, a full scan will reveal “advanced issues” that require premium security in order to fix. This is a bit shady. Especially when you click on the Resolve option, and you’re directed to a webpage where you are asked to sign to sign up for Avast Premium security. Avast sells user data, too, according to an Which? article published in 2020. magazine.

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